Bilingual teaching in primary school

In a globalised world, being bilingual (English-French) has become a key skill for thriving in the 21st century. It involves cultural immersion from an early age.

In Primary School

English is taught from year 2. Daily oral exercises are done with the children, using fun methods that inspire their curiosity and desire to learn. From year 3, students receive equal attention from a French teacher and an English-speaking teacher. English teachers teach their topic as well as cultural and art-based classes (fine arts, theatre, music), sciences, and civics education. The breakdown of lessons into English and French is dependent on the year group. In year 5, students are introduced to Chinese and Spanish, while an additional modern language is chosen and studied in year 7.

Secondary School

In secondary school, students continue studying languages both through their study of individual topics (first modern language choice, science, etc.), but also by engaging in interdisciplinary projects supported by teachers or by native English-speaking partners. Project-based learning is therefore encouraged, and students are invited to participate in speech classes to help them communicate and deliver their ideas and projects. Civics lessons are also excellent opportunities for attending conferences in English. Our school offers extracurricular activities in which students can broaden their language skills (yoga and theatre clubs in English, advanced courses, workshops, etc…).
More Secondary School information will be available soon.

Refresher courses and certifications

Students who join us during the school year are given time to adjust and to refresh their knowledge through our intensive courses. Supportive peer mentoring is also active throughout the school year.
From the age of 7, students can prepare for Cambridge English Certificates to hone their level of English through Émilie du Châtelet courses led by staff comprised of former CEC examiners.