Extracurricular activities

Supporting children and teenagers, whether or not they attend our iféa school, so they can find fulfilment through quality activities when they are not at school.

An approach that is both fulfilling and educational

“Clubs and extracurricular activities are open to all children, whether or not they are enrolled at iféa. They have been created to fulfil two objectives. They first allow our students to have fun after school by engaging in a variety of activities. These activities, many of which have a programme that has been created with iféa teaching staff, are part of our overall plan to help children find fulfilment and success at school. After lessons, they can stay at school and head straight to their chosen activities. Children who are not enrolled at the school may also sign up for accessible, quality extracurricular activities (tutoring, music, chess, computer club, cultural or artistic activities).”

– Naïma, Cédric and Élie, iféa founders

Tutoring and academic support

Effective, personal support

Émilie du Châtelet tutoring offers complete personal support to students in years 2 to 13, to help them reach their full potential and build self-confidence. Our facilities and equipment, along with the customised teaching material and monitoring tools that have been created by the iféa teaching team, are all accessible to students. Because all our teachers have received iféa training, students benefit from their caring approach, and from support that will challenge them.


Responsable Soutien et Renforcement Scolaire

Course Organiser

With over twenty years as a certified teacher and as a state education instructor, Katia is very sensitive to questions relating to tutoring, as well as to the well-being and full development of schoolchildren. Supported by a team of teachers specialised in these questions, she has created a tutoring offer that helps children receive the help and consolidation of knowledge they need, both in small groups or through workshops focused on disciplinary and study skills.

Music and Singing School

From a young age, music plays an important part in the social and emotional development of children, as it does in acquiring skills that will help thrive as adults. It also gives them essential cultural references.

A little, a lot, passionately…

Émilie du Châtelet music school lets you design a bespoke musical course for your child. From musical appreciation workshops to individual or small group instrumental lessons, choral singing or soundpainting, music comes alive and fills people with wonder in all its forms. Two fascinating courses, voice and orchestra, are open to candidates wishing to be further challenged. The breadth and intensity of these top-notch studies will be a source of musical mastery and enjoyment for children.


Responsable École de Musique

Course Organiser

With a diploma in lyrical singing, Dina trained at the Royal Conservatory of Amsterdam, following studies at the University of Music and Musicology in Tours. She now performs in opera and oratorio productions, and sings for vocal ensembles and recitals. In addition to her singing career, she has been a piano and singing instructor for ten years. She brings together her academic and professional backgrounds to offer iféa students caring, innovative, and quality musical instruction.

Chess School

Émilie du Châtelet school values chess, which helps children develop logic, strategy, rigour and capacity for abstraction. The practice of chess develops autonomy and resourcefulness whilst encouraging civic mindedness and respect for others.


The way we teach chess is based on the same principles that are behind the iféa project. Children are protagonists of their own development. We use a range of specific media to teach basics, and a well-tried training program in various chess clubs (Paris and Mulhouse). Classes alternate between workshops, group learning, and unstructured game sessions so as to develop all the necessary skills for enjoying the wonderful world of chess.


Responsable École d’Échecs

Course Organiser

Currently a coach for the Swiss National Team, a former National Director for young people and coach for the French Youth Team, Vincent also trained the Philidor Mulhouse, which has won the youth divisions multiple times, over a ten-year period. As a World Chess Federation Master (2401 Elo rating), Vincent holds a State licence, as well as Master Instructor and World Chess Federation Instructor diplomas.

More activities (further details to follow)

Émilie du Châtelet school will be offering children and young people between the ages of 6 and 17:
– a computer club (coding…),
– an English theatre club with adapted levels,
– an English yoga club
– …