Citizenship education for a wide open vision of the world

We place particular emphasis on civics, the arts, and cultural education so our students can contribute to building a durable, inclusive future, whilst stimulating civic mindedness and engagement.

Citizenship and eco-citizenship training

We follow the official French civics curriculum, which is based on learning through projects with a civics or eco-citizen scope, or professionals in that field. IFÉA has chosen to devote clearly dedicated lessons to this curriculum. Major themes of citizenship education are covered through conferences, outings, or projects over several weeks supported by our teachers and external partners as in teaching the values of living in a republic and the principles of secularism, environmental and sustainable development education, media and information education, combating all forms of discrimination and racism, etc.

Artistic and cultural education

In primary school, art history, fine arts, and music are taught weekly and help consolidate reading, writing, and math. In secondary school the artistic and cultural education projects take place in the afternoon. We have chosen not to follow the official French format of one hour a week. We prefer giving meaning back to these topics by integrating them throughout the year as part of interdisciplinary projects through meeting artists and cultural outings so as to provoke genuine reflection. Being open to the world is also encouraged through highlighting the importance of learning modern languages.