Our educational approach

“We ensure the well-being of all our students, to help them thrive as they learn. Because every child is unique, specialized teaching has a central place in our approach so we can help students reach their full potential by consolidating fundamental knowledge and skills, including PSHE aptitudes (navigating emotions, harnessing creative and critical thinking…). We follow French state education programs with adapted methods of learning, especially in sciences and English, to make learning more effective and consistent. To this end, we favor project-based teaching, interdisciplinarity, and key stage cycles (one-off multi-age groups). Our educational approach draws inspiration from a pragmatic combination of several methods, especially those based on alternative learning styles, learning sciences, and cognitive sciences. Civics education and stimulating openness to the world also play an important role in our educational project.”
— Naïma, Cédric Élie, iféa founders
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